Ancient Healers will automatically and intermittently emit green pulses that heal nearby Infested with 100 health per pulse (which may increase at higher levels).

In a recent update, the healing amount and radius had been increased, making them a top priority target next to Ancient Disruptors. A few Healers together can heal each other back to full health if not killed immediately.

They are light blue in colour, with bright yellow-green mandibles.

If a Tenno enters stealth while an Ancient is charging into attack range and remains in the same position, the Ancient's first attack will still connect but it will not continue to attack until its target becomes visible again.


  • The heal's range is 30m.[1]
  • While under the Mind Control effect of Nyx the Ancient Healer will heal you and your Team along with the Cryo Pod on defense Missions.
  • In Update 9, a new model was implemented for the Ancients, resembling humanoid squids in appearance.
  • In lore, the Ancients are described as being hundreds of years older than the Corpus, so their deformed shape could also be attributed to years of infestation and mutation.
  • The model, regardless of color, is shared with the Toxic Ancient and the Ancient Disrupter, albeit the Toxic Ancient still retains the black-green color scheme.
  • When Stealth Attacked their size goes down (they get smaller), if only temporarily.
  • Ancients may lock-on to players and charge at them with a stunning attack when they are within sight range. Going invisible will not cancel their lock-on attack.



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