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Limbo can access the Rift Plane, an alternate dimensional space within the environment. Certain actions performed in the Rift, most notably weapon attacks, cannot affect entities in the main dimension---and vice-versa. Several of Limbo's abilities impose the Rift upon the world around him, affecting himself, the spatial environment, enemies, and even allies.

Additionally, while Limbo is inside of the Rift, his holster speed and reload speed are 50% faster and his movement speed is increased by 10%.

Rift PlaneModifica

Articolo Principale: Rift Plane

The Rift Plane is an alternate dimension to the normal environment, or Material Plane, where most WARFRAME gameplay takes place. While a player is in the rift, their screen becomes tinted and sound becomes muffled. Generally, entities in the rift plane cannot interact with entities in the material plane, though there are substantial exceptions. A Limbo can transition friends, foes, and himself between the two planes with his abilities providing him opportunity for vast amount of synergies. -->



Rift Walk

Rift Surge








LimboBanish.png LimboBanish.png LimboBanish.png
LimboVolatile.png LimboVolatile.png
LimboTearInSpace.png LimboTearInSpace.png LimboTearInSpace.png

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