The Melee Channel mod converts 50% of energy used to bonus damage on next melee attack and stores up to +50 bonus damage per rank, for a maximum of 200% and +200 at rank 3, respectively.


Grado 0 1 2 3
Energia convertita 50% 100% 150% 200%
Danno Bonus Massimo +50 +100 +150 +200
Conclave C5 C5 C8 C10
Costo 4 5 6 7


  • Aggiunto nell'Update 8.
  • Upon striking an enemy, all of the stored energy will be discharged. The strike can be a normal strike, slide attack, or charge attack.
    • The stored energy will not discharge when striking terrain or a cargo container.
    • Be careful not to hit a recently killed enemy, as it may discharge on swing contact.
    • If the attack hits multiple targets, the bonus damage is only applied to a single target. Additionally, if the attack hits the same target multiple times (i.e. Fang and Fang Prime charge attacks), the bonus damage is only applied to one hit.
  • Due to both the ratio and storage capacity scaling, the bonus damage maxes out after spending a total of 100 energy at any rank.
  • A weapon charged with energy via Melee Channel will glow blue, with pulses of energy washing over it regularly.
  • Streamline affects energy stored by Melee Channel; it uses the adjusted ability cost.
  • The bonus damage is added before the critical hit multiplier.
  • The glowing effect will not apply to the Prova, nor will any other visual effects.

See alsoModifica

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