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Weapon Type Primary
Trigger Type Charge
Projectile Speed 40.0
Noise Level Silent
Firing Rate 1.0 rounds/sec
Accuracy 100.0
Mag Size 5.0 rounds/Mag
Max Ammo 540.0 rounds
Reload Time 2.0s
Charge Dmg Type Explosion
Charge Dmg 150.0
Charge Time 1.5 sec/charge
Charge Crit Dmg 200.0%
Polarities None
Crit Damage only effects impact damage
6 meter blast radius with 500 explosive damage

The Ogris fires detonite infused casings.

–In-Game Description

The Ogris is a Grineer rocket launcher unlockable through Chem Lab Research in the dojo. A slower projectile version of this is used by the Bombard, though the homing ability isn't present in the ClanTech version.

This weapon can be sold for Credits 32px.png 7,500.



  • High AoE Damage.
  • Silent (Enemies will not detect you when you blow their friends into pieces).
  • Can be fired while sprinting.
  • Ridiculously ammo efficient.
  • Moderately fast reload speed.
  • Effective at killing enemies behind cover.


  • Also deals FULL damage to the user if the rocket detonates too close (All damage will be dealt including elemental damage and effects (slowed by freeze,...) making the Ogris very dangerous and ill-suited for close range combat.
  • Clumsy against large crowds of fast-moving enemies such as the Infested.
    • Has to be charged before it can fire.
    • One of the lowest rate of fire in the game.
    • Easy to jam trigger (see notes).
  • Enemies can destroy the rockets with gunfire.
  • Slow projectile speed.
  • Optimal use relies heavily on proper positioning.
  • No Polarities.


Ignis has to be researched before researching this weapon. Once researched, you can replicate its blueprint for Credits 32px.png 15,000.

Research Requirements
Resources Quantity
Template:Detonite Ampule 10
32px-Ferrite.png Ferrite 500
32px-PolymerBundle.png Kit Polimeri 300
32px-Plastids.png Plastidi 150
  Credits 32px.png Crediti 7,500
Research Time 72 hours
Manufacturing Requirements
Resources Quantity
Template:Detonite Injector 5
32px-Salvage.png Reperti 5,000
32px-AlloyPlate.png Piastre in lega 600
Template:Forma 1
  Credits 32px.png Crediti 30,000
Build Time 24 hours
Rush Build Platinumicon.png 35

Weapon LoadoutsModifica

Articolo Principale: Category:Ogris Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.

Other InformationModifica

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  • The explosion damage is dealt to the target's torso.
  • The Ogris' hit radius eminates from the hit location outwards in a half-sphere, meaning targets behind the target hit will not be damaged.
  • Attempting to construct this weapon in the foundry before Mastery Level 6 will result in an error message saying that you do not have the required rank.
  • The charge level is indicated by the following:
    • The crosshair will turn into a large, red circular meter when holding down fire button.
    • The back of the Ogris blinks a bright light.
    • An audio cue will play during the charging time.
  • Does not 'home-into' targets as seen on the Grineer Bombard's Ogris.
  • Landing on feet as well as rolling will interrupt charge, while sprinting, sliding and landing with a slide does not.
  • Pressing reload while holding charge will cancel the charge and reload the weapon if the magazine is not full. Otherwise, it will only cancel the charge. This is also true for Lanka.
  • Causes the same lighting effect as shooting an explosive barrel upon impact.
  • Rockets from the Ogris cannot pass through Volt's Electric Shield, but instead collide with the shield and explode.
  • The actual rocket is the part that deals the critical hit, not the AoE explosion.
  • The rocket will deal only 1/5 of the full damage on direct hit, making the thought of direct hits far less effective.


  • Even though the player-usable Ogris and the Grineer Bombard's Ogris are technically the same weapon, the two have different sound-effects, travel-time and firing mechanics - one is a slow, homing missile while the other is a fast-travelling rocket that only travels in a straight line.
  • Strangely enough for an explosive, this weapon does not cause enemies to gib heavily, even on direct hits to their weakspots.
  • Prior to Update 8.1.3., the only indicator of the charge-up time was the noise, which was often difficult to hear in the middle of chaotic firefights and usually led to jamming.
  • Prior to Update 9.5, the Ogris used the same reloading animation as most other rifles, which resulted in the player appearing to empty a non-existing magazine and slapping the bottom of the weapon.
  • The charging indicator light changes color based on the map tile. For example, on asteroid bases, the light is reddish in color, and on Grineer ships, the light is completely white.
  • When General Sargas Ruk uses his bullet attractor ability on you, shooting Ogris will result in the rocket turning around and very slowly following you until the effect wears off.
  • The Ogris humorously has the words "BIG HURT F43" written in Grineer on both sides. This is odd considering it is a clan-made version and not a direct copy of the ones used by the Grineer.
  • When charging, smoke can be seen coming off, which stops when charged. This may be a process of activating the explosive detonite mixture.


  • Firing at a reactor in Sabotage missions does not destroy any of the vials attached.
  • Firing at Lephantis does not deal explosive damage to the targeted area (only the damage of the projectile impact is counted).
  • This weapon is treated as a silent weapon.
  • When caught in your own AoE blast, any elemental mods will not inflict damage nor effects but visual effects will still apply (possible bug).
  • Reloading while charging the Ogris will turn the reload bar red (same as the charge bar) rather than its default colour.
  • Lag Effects the time between pressing the fire button and the actual rocket appearing. This can have a significant negative impact on DPS.
  • Canceling a fully charged Ogris with the reload button (whether or not you actually reload) will not cause the "charged" light to turn off, requiring you to use the reticule and sound to determine when the next shot is charged.
  • Rockets may sometimes randomly explode in midair without dealing any damage, despite the fact nobody is shooting the rockets. This was proven a bug in Callisto, Jupiter.


General TipsModifica

  • All "charge weapons" (guns) are capable of holding their charge during a sprint, and as long as the user starts the charge, they are able to finish charging while they are still sprinting. This allows for more mobility to the user such as charging their weapon in cover, then run into the room and to unleash their first shot at first sight at the enemy immediately.
    • Using elevators and opening coop doors also does not cancel the charge, however hacking consoles and opening lockers will.
    • Sliding when you are about to hit the ground (from any height) is very useful for keeping your charge instead of losing it by rolling.
    • While wall running will not cancel the charge, edge grabbing will.
  • Pressing reload during a charge will cancel it regardless of ammo remaining.
  • Enemy bullets can cause the Ogris' Rockets to explode prematurely. Consider:
    • Firing indirectly to your target (shooting the ground/walls around them)
    • Waiting for the enemy to stop firing before you release your rocket.
  • Usage of the Speed Trigger mod can greatly decrease down-time for this weapon.
    • Effects both Charge time and attack speed.
  • Consider the enemy factions:
    • Because of their tendency to remain together and gathered near Shield Ospreys, Corpus are especially vulnerable to the Ogris. When fighting the Corpus, focus on taking out as many units as possible with individual shots.
    • On the other hand, the Infested move very quickly and are not always grouped for easy crowd-kills. Very often, you will have the lesser enemies blocking rockets with their speed for their swarming allies. Against the Infested, focus on getting rid of slow-but-deadly units first, especially Disruptor and Toxic Ancients, with your overly-massive burst damage and pin-point accuracy, and then clean up the remainder. [Three or more team members using the Infested Impedance artifact can increase the efficiency by slowing them down enough to where you can fire with ease]
    • The Grineer have a mix of large crowds and dangerous heavy enemies that cannot be ignored. Both are equally dangerous; the picking-off-tougher-enemies-first-strategy and the clearing-groups-first-strategy are both valid options whose priorities depend on the situation at hand.
  • Firestorm can be considered a damage multiplier as it increases the effective area of the explosion. As damage gets stronger closer to the epicenter of the explosion extending the range of the explosion also increases the effective damage area(s).

Suicidal Damage EvasionModifica

This sections is for those of you who are extremely good at getting high killcounts with rocket launchers... On yourself.

  • Carry a close-ranged sidearm when using the Ogris.
  • Evaluate the risk of massive self-damage before engaging enemies at close-range with this weapon.
  • Be wary of passing players and enemies when lining a shot up. Mistimed shots could result in a close proximity explosion dealing damage to yourself.
    • Consider telling your team members to avoid standing / moving in front of you to prevent a self-incapacitation, or simply stand where players would not normally pass in front of you, such as a ledge or on top of a box.
  • When using this weapon at close range jumping back usually brings you outside of the blast radius.

AoE Mechanic TipsModifica

This section is for those of you who don't know how to use a rocket launchers' AoE effect against multiple targets.

  • The closer the target is to the epicenter of the explosion the more damage it will take that is why Firestorm can be considered a damage modifier mod as it extends the effective AoE.
  • Due to the nature of the Ogris's charging time, projectile travel time, and explosive properties, try to plan where you want the rockets to hit before firing.
    • If you are caught in a situation where you must engage enemies where you will be within blast-radius, charge a rocket and then dive backwards while firing. This will reduce the chances of an accident.
  • The AoE blast can be useful for taking out enemies behind cover. Aiming at a nearby wall or patch of floor situated behind them will render their cover useless.
    • An enemy's hitbox can provide cover for those behind it. Aim at the middle of the ground when attacking incoming groups.
  • Firing from higher elevations makes greater use of its AoE damage.


File:Warframe Ogris Puncture Test (Update 9.7)

As of Update 9.7, Puncture now works with the Ogris. Projectiles will appear to continue going through objects until it has gone through it's puncture range, at which point it will explode on contact with the next object. While rockets do not explode when they puncture, they will still deal damage the normal impact damage shown in the infobox (not the 500 AoE damage). If the puncture distance does not exceed that of the object the projectile initially makes contact with, the rocket will explode immediately (as apposed to exploding inside of the object?).

Puncture TipsModifica

  • Puncture can be used as a safety net as rockets can pass through other players.
  • Using walls to blow up rockets to use splash damage may not work all the time, as your rocket may decide to puncture the targetted object.
  • Puncture may not be completely reliable for projectile weapons (does not work all the time), so the risk for self harm is still present.

Heavy CaliberModifica

As of Update 10.4, Heavy Caliber's accuracy reduction makes rockets spread.

  • Before Update 10.4 (Update 10.3x) Heavy Caliber was a straight up damage multiplier that increased recoil a little. This was usually masked by the screenshake caused by the explosion as the screenshake from the recoil was rather insignificant due to the low firerate of the Ogris.

Heavy Caliber Combinations
File:Ogris Heavy Caliber Test (U10.4)

  • Split Chamber gives the Ogris another rocket that lands in a different location due to the accuracy debuff from Heavy Caliber.
    • Firestorm when coupled with Split Chamber is especially effective as it increases the overall effective range of the Ogris as well as the damage dealt from each individual explosion.
  • Shred puncture's gimicks are somewhat negated with Heavy Caliber as the rockets no longer land in the same spot as one another. This means even if one rocket passes through an enemy and does not blow up the other rocket will still have a chance of blowing up.

Edit The Ogris synergizes well with the following frames:


Interestingly, Vauban can charge, fire, and reload during the use of any of his abilities. Because of this, a skilled Vauban can actually combo his abilities with the Ogris in less than a second, wiping out entire waves at short notice. This flexibility arguably makes Vauban one of the best warframes to use an Ogris with. Some of the possible combos are, but not limited to:

  • Charging the Ogris while Bouncing yourself and firing from overhead - Vauban's psuedo-Rocket Jump a la Quake style can clear out a wave in the distance where standing on the ground would not do effectively.
  • Charging the Ogris while Bouncing an enemy upward and firing at said enemy - Vauban's airshot which can pick off singular high-priority targets and blast nearby enemies standing at odd angles.
  • Charging the Ogris while throwing a Bastille and shooting below enemies - Vauban's standard wave-clear, most effective against Infested and with narrow chokepoints.
  • Charging the Ogris while throwing a Vortex and shooting near the affected area - Vauban's secondary wave-clear. Generally used as last-resort due to the energy cost.


The Sonar ability can amplify the burst damage output of the projectile, but is not that good as one might think. The damage done by the explosion (which is the major part of the damage) will always be dealt to the torso, regardless of where the shot hit. If sonar did not put the weakspot on the enemies torso only the damage dealt by the impact of the rocket will be amplified by Sonar (if the weakspot is hit). On the other hand, should Sonar put the weakspot on the torso it will affect the damage done by the explosion and allow Banshee to deal insane damage with great ease (as hitting an enemy with the explosion will be enough for the damage to amplify).

Banshee can also push away enemies if they are too close, then follow up with a rocket.


Frost has three abilities that synergize with the Ogris:

  • Stunning an enemy with Freeze and then firing a rocket directly at the weakpoint is an effective way to assassinate tougher enemies. This rarely happens if you are in a party due to the nature of Freeze.
  • Slowing a line of enemies with Ice Wave can make it fairly easy to clear the wave, assuming that your positioning is good.
  • Snow Globe can allow Frost to shoot at enemies from higher heights (which usually have little to no cover) without any disruption or danger of return fire. However, a very large Globe in a badly-placed position can accidentally block your team's (and in some cases, your own) line of sight.


By using Decoy and Switch Teleport to a higher position, Loki can easily access areas that give the Ogris a huge advantage. Decoy is also a fairly good ability for gathering enemies together.


The Ogris can very easily trigger Molecular Prime, and Worm Hole can place the Ogris in a favorable position assuming no enemies enter.


Chaos can be an effective way to force enemies to group up for easy rocket kills. Mind Control can CC a singular high-priority target long enough for an Ogris to assassinate it.


The Roar ability can significantly increase the damage output. Iron Skin can also lessen the impact of getting caught in the blast radius of the Ogris (although not by a huge margin).


The Link ability will turn the Ogris's self-damage disadvantage into a potential nuke. Trinity can also use her healing abilities to fix any accidental self-damage. Update 9.8 has made this strategy significantly more dangerous due to Link being just a percentage reduction. However, a properly buffed Trinity can turn the new multitarget feature into a force multiplier for the Ogris and Blessing will still let her tank one or two blasts entirely.


Super Jump gives the Excalibur a psuedo rocket jump (in a similar fashion to Vauban's Bounce Combo). Radial Blind followed by a Slash Dash can be used to create distance away from groups of enemeis to allow another rocket shot.


Terror and Shadows of the Dead can distract enemies long enough for a rocket in the same fashion as Nyx's combo, however, Terror may cause enemies to move around unpreditably.

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