Pistol Ammo Mutation converts any unused ammo type into Pistol Ammo.


Rank Conversion (Rifle) Conversion (Shotgun/Sniper) Cost Conclave
0 1 3 4 C1
1 3 5 5 C1
2 4 8 6 C2
3 5 10 7 C3


This mod was originally given to players who joined the Sling-Stone Event. As of Update 10.5, this mod can be obtained as a Tier 1, 2 and 3 Survival reward at 20 minutes or more.


  • Will only convert ammo to Pistol if you have your Sidearm out.
  • Will only convert Primary Ammo to Pistol Ammo if your Primary Ammo is full.
  • Functions with the Carrier Sentinel's Vacuum, and will suck up unused drops if needed.

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