Power Throw adds Puncture distance to the charge attacks of Glaive and Kestrel.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 .1m 4 C5
1 .2m 5 C5
2 .3m 6 C6
3 .4m 7 C8
4 .5m 8 C9
5 .6m 9 C10


  • Added in Update 10.
  • Puncture applies to enemies and allies only, but not surfaces of any kind, e.g. it cannot pass through a Shield Lancer's shield (possible bug due to conflict with bouncing mechanism).


  • Prior Update 10.2.1, the mod granted 1.0m Puncture per rank.
  • In Dark Sector, (Another Digital Extremes' game, set during the time before Warframe) "Power Throw" is an ability for Hayden Tenno to deal quadruple damage with his Glaive.


  • Cannot pass through Fusion MOA's Osprey Attack Drone.

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