Reach increases the range of a melee weapon's attacks by 15% per rank for a maximum of 60% at rank 3. The range increase affects all attacks, except Glaive & Kestrel throws.


  • Reach works best with Heavy and Dual weapons as their ability to hit multiple targets with a single swing increases the value of increased attack range.
  • Uncommonly dropped in the Void, but also common seen on other maps.
  • The effects of the Reach can be seen in the visible waves when swinging a weapon (such as Swords and Polearms) either on Normal or Heavy attacks. The Reach increases the size of these waves, visibly increasing range.


Rank 0 1 2 3
Effect 15% 30% 45% 60%
Conclave C? C? C? C5
Cost 4 5 6 7


With the resource/mod bugs of update 9.5, this mod seems to drop often, particuarly on certain maps.
For example: Neptune-Despina, Eris-Xini, Jupiter-Callisto etc

See AlsoModifica

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