Security Cameras are mounted on ceilings. They used to have a distinctive beeping sound, but are now fairly silent and possess a glowing green light; if a camera detects a player, the light will glow red and a short alarm sound will play. Upon detection, cameras will activate any nearby Turrets and Laser Barriers. Players should prioritize cameras as they may activate Laser Barriers and Turrets at the worst of times if left alone. Destroying the cameras will render both Turrets and Laser Barriers null, deactivating them.

As of Update 7.11, Cameras now have a visible cone of sight, making them easy to spot.

As of Update 10.6, security camras now scale with the enemy level of that mission, instead of being always level 1. This means on higher missions they will have more health.

Security Cameras that have not detected the player count as unsuspecting enemies for credit towards the stealth challenge, even if all other enemies in the mission are on alert.

Normal Armor Pierce Electrical Fire Freeze
Body 100% 100% 200% 100% 100%
File:Corpus camera cone blue.jpg
File:Corpus camera cone red.jpg