Tainted Shell reduces the spread of Shotgun fire while also decreasing the fire rate.


Rank Spread Fire Rate Cost Conclave
0 -7% -6% 4 C1
1 -14% -12% 5 C1
2 -21% -18% 6 C1
3 -28% -24% 7 C1
4 -35% -30% 8 C1
5 -42% -36% 9 C1
6 -49% -42% 10 C1
7 -56% -48% 11 C1
8 -63% -54% 12 C1
9 -70% -60% 13 C1
10 -77% -66% 14 C1


  • This mod is ideal for shotguns with high fire rate with wide spread like the Boar and Boar Prime as the mod concentrates the pellet flow against a single target, though this would hamper the DPS capabilities of the modded shotgun.
    • This also blends effectively with Accelerated Blast, as the rate of fire will remain almost unhindered while receiving both benefits of Armor Piercing damage and a narrower spread.
  • Adding this mod does not decrease Shotgun falloff damage.


  • This is the first mod to reduce the actual spread of gunfire, rather than simply the recoil.
  • This is the only mod that actually increases accuracy (due to reduction of spread) of a weapon to the user's perspective.

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