Vile Precision decreases weapon recoil and fire rate of primary weapons.


Rank Weapon Recoil Fire Rate Cost Conclave
0 -10% -6% 6 C1
1 -20% -12% 7 C1
2 -30% -18% 8 C1
3 -40% -24% 9 C1
4 -50% -30% 10 C1
5 -60% -36% 11 C1


  • Due to the lower fire rate, recoil ordinarily would not be an issue anyway since you fire more slowly. Not recomended for weapons like the Latron, for this reason.
  • Can be used with the Grakata to lower the fire rate to reasonable levels while also reducing it's nasty kick. You will have lower DPS, but in turn you will be more accurate.
  • Using this mod is negligible on weapons without recoil since the rate of fire will also be reduced in the process.

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